One of the best parts of getting dirty at our dash is overcoming literal and figurative obstacles with your team of friends.  Below we have the top tips to create the most epic team name.

*Involve the Whole Team

Unlike that time your parents lost all creativity and named you boring old “Emily”, you have a say in what title you’ll go by. Make sure it’s something the whole team can love and get behind.  You’re gonna need to be a united front if you wanna have a prayer of getting over that wood wall.


*Incorporate An Innuendo

Why an innuendo? Because they’re fun, a little sneaky, and you won’t be too embarrassed to repeat them in from of any little ones.


*Think of Something the Whole Team Has In Common

You’re probably a team because you all have something in common.  Well, tell the world what it is! Whether your team consists of co-workers, AA Sponsors, High School Bff’s, family members, or anything else, there’s a name there and we wanna hear it.


*Use the Internet

Hey we’re all busy, so maybe you don’t have a billion hours to think of a team name.  That’s where the Internet comes in.  No judgement here if you Google “running team names” and plagiarize your favorite.  Or have Wu Tang do the work for your whole clan here: