Secrets For Staying Young


1. Exercise

Your health teacher probably told you in the 8th grade, and we’re telling you again because it’s true!  People who log two plus hours a week working out have a 30% less chance of dying in the next 20 years if you do less or none at all.

2. Get Your Sleep On

Looks like there’s some truth behind the old “early to bed and early to rise” adage.  Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night and you’re 2% more likely to die earlier than those wise men getting 6-8 snooze hours a night.

3. Have More Fun

Stress less with the release of endorphins by having fun and getting active. Endorphins can give you an overall sense of wellness and can even temporarily relieve pain. We’ve got a great way to help you get those endorphins, register here to adult play in our Dirty Dash.