Late Registration until 5/16/2014

South Sound

June 21, 2014

Straddleline Raceway

15015 State Route 8 McCleary, WA 98557

Sat. Wave TimeAvailability
08:00 AMOpen
08:20 AMOpen
08:40 AMOpen
09:00 AMOpen (81 left)
09:20 AMOpen (79 left)
09:40 AMOpen (10 left)
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
11:20 AMOpen
11:40 AMOpen
12:00 PMOpen
12:20 PMOpen
12:40 PMOpen

about the dirty dash

Nothing in your life has prepared you for this because nothing HAS to prepare you for it.

Sailors don't need boot camp to prepare them for shore leave. Some things just come naturally - like blaming communists for global warming, ensuring a life of bachelorhood by living with your mom until you're 42, and churning through miles of muddy filth at The Dirty Dash without training a day in your life.

Sign up for some mudslinging at The Dirty Dash and you'll feel like you spent 2 hours on the side of the farm Old Macdonald didn't want you to see. It's a blitzkrieg of filth... an unpurified mess that no amount of Brita filters can cleanse. You'll run, slide, jump, and crawl your way through piles of slop so thick and dark, you'll think you've wormed your way back into the comfort of your mother's womb.  Oh yeah, and it's just the best time you'll have all year.  That's all.

By the time you're done, even Drano won't unclog those pores.

We're the Ellis Island of competitions. We take all-comers. Advanced of years?  Consider this your rejuvenating mud bath. More to Love? That's just more surface area for mud.  Pagan or saintly? Bring an offering to the lords of mud - gold, frankincense, and mirth (Visa and Mastercard also work just fine).

Paint the town red? We say paint it brown. So get your friends and get your sloppy seconds at South Sound's Dirty Dash.


packet pick-up info

Packet Pick-up details will be available 3 weeks prior to the race date. It is important to pick up your packets (race bib, t-shirt, bandana, decal and tattoo) prior to race morning because lines can get a little out of control and you don't want to miss your wave time do you? Do you?

Race Day Info


Race Day Info Packets will be posted 3 weeks before the race with tons of info on parking, color partying, and how to clean the color out of your most sensitive areas.




Photos will be available a few days
after the race at Flo-foto.

Deadlines & Pricing


Description Fee Deadline
Get it Cheap Registration $35.00 1/10/2014
Early Bird Registration $45.00 2/21/2014
Regular Registration $50.00 3/28/2014
Late Registration $55.00 5/16/2014
If it ain't Sold Out $60.00 6/18/2014


Start Time Availability
08:00 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open
08:20 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open
08:40 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open
09:00 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open (81 left)
09:20 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open (79 left)
09:40 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open (10 left)
10:00 AM, Saturday, June 21st Sold Out
10:20 AM, Saturday, June 21st Sold Out
10:40 AM, Saturday, June 21st Sold Out
11:00 AM, Saturday, June 21st Sold Out
11:20 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open
11:40 AM, Saturday, June 21st Open
12:00 PM, Saturday, June 21st Open
12:20 PM, Saturday, June 21st Open
12:40 PM, Saturday, June 21st Open

Charity Partner

Peak 7Peak 7 targets youth who are underprivileged or have been labeled "at-risk". We provide a positive alternative to the typical behaviors and habits that youth in our society often fall into.

Peak 7 takes youth on whitewater rafting and kayaking, rock climbing, and backpacking trips to challenge them spiritually, mentally and physically, encouraging them to evaluate what they put their faith in. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities have an immeasurable impact on the participants and promote all-around healthier lifestyles.

Peak 7 Adventures is a grassroots outdoor adventure non-profit organization aimed at taking young people into the wilderness to show them the wonder of God's creation. Wilderness adventures challenge participants to expand their horizons by fostering trust relationships and team building skills.