Late Registration until 5/16/2014


June 28, 2014

Mt. Pisgah at Howard Buford Recreation Area

Eugene, OR

Sat. Wave TimeAvailability
08:00 AMOpen
08:20 AMOpen
08:40 AM
09:00 AM
09:20 AM
09:40 AM
10:00 AM
10:20 AM
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
11:20 AMOpen
11:40 AMOpen
12:00 PMOpen
12:20 PMOpen
12:40 PMOpen

about the dirty dash

Even though Steve Prefontaine technically didn’t hit puberty till 13 like the rest of us, legend has it he emerged from the womb with a little peach fuzz growing on his upper lip. 

His ‘stache helped him pass for a legit 16 year old driver when he was 7, and it was thick enough to help him vote for JFK in the 1960 election at the age of 9. 

If he’d been wise enough to run in The Dirty Dash to give his whiskers a thorough coating of mud, he could have been dropping Hamiltons on the craps table at the Three Rivers Casino when he was 12, received his PhD in Curly Locks at 17, and run for Pre-sident by 20. The one missing ingredient: MUD. 

Don’t let your life get stuck on the slow boat cuz of your own dirt drought, filth famine, or slop shortage. You’ve got big pants to fill and you aren’t gonna fill ‘em wearing padded spandex tri shorts, swimming through crystal clear waters and road racing for 13 miles of pavement pounding agony. The only way you fulfill your dirty destiny is by belly-flopping into a mud pit and breast-stroking your way to a mud makeover courtesy of The Dirty Dash

Unlike most races where you emerge a little leaner but with labored breathing and a lifeless look in your eye, you’ll finish our race 5 pounds heavier, 3 times homelier, and 20 times happier. You’ll be Tweeting about it so loud the Ducks will think it’s a mating call. 

So make Pre proud. Throw pre-caution to the wind and pre-pare yourself cuz this is pre-cisely the ingredient your life is missing. This all pre-supposes that you pre-register but we'd hate to be pre-sumptuous.

packet pick-up info

Packet Pick-up details will be available 2 weeks prior to the race date. It is important to pick up your packets (race bib, t-shirt, sunglasses, tattoo) prior to race morning because lines can get a little out of control and you don't want to miss your wave time do you? Do you?

Race Day Info


Race Day Info Packets will be posted 2 weeks before the race with tons of info on parking, color partying, and how to clean the color out of your most sensitive areas.




Photos will be available a few days
after the race at Flo-foto.

Deadlines & Pricing


Description Fee Deadline
Get it Cheap Registration $35.00 1/10/2014
Early Bird Registration $45.00 2/21/2014
Regular Registration $50.00 3/28/2014
Late Registration $55.00 5/16/2014
If it ain't Sold Out $60.00 6/25/2014


Start Time Availability
08:00 AM, Saturday, June 28th Open
08:20 AM, Saturday, June 28th Open
08:40 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
09:00 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
09:20 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
09:40 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
10:00 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
10:20 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
10:40 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
11:00 AM, Saturday, June 28th Sold Out
11:20 AM, Saturday, June 28th Open
11:40 AM, Saturday, June 28th Open
12:00 PM, Saturday, June 28th Open
12:20 PM, Saturday, June 28th Open
12:40 PM, Saturday, June 28th Open

Charity Partner

Eugene YMCAAt the Y, we know that kids excel at playing in the mud--it's the gift of abandon, joy, and knowing "I don't do the laundry anyways". We also know that kids excel at soccer, dance, poetry, cooking and science when they are given the chance. That's why the Y is here: to make sure every kid has a chance to be exceptional, awesome, and reach his or her full potential--in the mud, at school, at home and in the community; now and throughout life!