If it Aint Sold Out until 9/4/2014


Saturday, September 6th 2014

Flying H Stables

13699 Mullan Road
Missoula, Montana

Wave TimeAvailability
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9:20 AMAvailable
9:40 AMAvailable
10:00 AMSoldout
10:20 AMAvailable
10:40 AMAvailable
11:00 AMSoldout
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about the dirty dash

It took Brad Pitt years in the Montana wilderness filming A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall to turn him into the chiseled roughneck capable of harder core roles in Fight Club, Troy, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  There, it took him a lifetime to change from an elderly baby in Huggies to a baby-faced senior citizen in Depends.  Regardless of your choice of undergarments, it’ll only take you one running of The Dirty Dash to convert from boy to man and man to swine.

The Dirty Dash is coming to town and making enough mud to turn the Clark Fork brown.  It’s time to drop whatever inhibitions you may have left as you and your fellow Grizzly-lovers race through mud and obstacles and slide down one of the largest slip n’ slides in the country.  We would say that your mother would not approve, but in Missoula, chances are she will be running right next to you.

Missoulians’ relish getting dirty and can cowboy up to any challenge be it man, beast, or beastly man.  You wear it on your bloodstained, trout-smelling, beer-soaked sleeves.  You live in a place where you are more likely to be assaulted by a bear than a person, and you like it that way.  A place where fishing is considered religion, and a cold beer at The Oxford is at the top of the agenda at your weekly staff meeting.  

Other races give you the chance to test your mettle; now you’ve got a stage to wallow in a mud-hole.  If getting dirty and having a beer with the rest of Missoula doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, you may be in the wrong city.  Hell, you might be in the wrong state.  Jeez man, are you American?

packet pick-up info

Sports Authority
2640 N Reserve St
Missoula, Mt 59808

Friday September 5th
11 AM - 7 PM

Anyone (runner or not) can pick up your race packet for you as long as you have signed the waiver. If you still need to sign, you can sign electronically by logging in HERE. You can also select “Waiver” at the bottom of this page, select your race, print a waiver, sign it, and bring it to packet pick up.




Please carpool! When you arrive at Flying H Stables, look for the parking signs and attendants to direct you where to go. Parking is free.


If you were in the 8:00 am, 8:20 am, or 8:40 am waves you are now in the 9:00 am wave. If you were in the 12:20 pm or 12:40 pm waves you are now in the 12:00 pm wave which will be the final adult wave of the day. The piglet plunge will be at 1:20 pm.




Photos will be available a few days
after the race at Flo-foto.




After the race, the Eco STARS Project will be there to collect your old and muddy shoes. If you'd like to donate, please look for their pod and place your shoes inside.


Description Fee Deadline
Early Bird Registration$45.005/16/2014
Get It Cheap Registration$35.003/21/2014
Regular Registration$50.007/11/2014
Late Registration$55.008/8/2014
If it Aint Sold Out$60.009/4/2014


Start Time Availability
9:00 AMAvailable
9:20 AMAvailable
9:40 AMAvailable
10:00 AMSoldout
10:20 AMAvailable
10:40 AMAvailable
11:00 AMSoldout
11:20 AMAvailable
11:40 AM Available
12:00 PMSoldout


Please go here and register as a volunteer for free!

Typically we have volunteer shifts on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of race week. Volunteers need to be 16 and older please.

Charity Partner

The Frenchtown-West Valley Historical Association will partner with the 2014 Dirty Dash being held at the Flying “H” Stables Ranch.   The proceeds from this Dirty Dash Run will be used by the Historical Association to reprint the “Frenchtown Valley Footprints” historical book and as seed money to buy land and build a combined Community building and Historical Museum.
Frenchtown was the first permanent settlement in this area of the Missoula Valley.  There is a tremendous amount of heritage and historical artifacts in the area that are in dire need of being preserved before they are lost forever.  Your registration and participation in this event will be a major step in the beginning of a desperately needed facility for all of the Frenchtown Valley.
The Frenchtown-West Valley Historical Association and the Frenchtown Senior Citizens Association, who have already raised thousands of dollars towards a community building, have joined efforts to build a Museum and Community Building combined.  The Dirty Dash Run will be a major fund raiser from this joint venture.  The Frenchtown Community will provide volunteers to host and run this event to insure its’ success.

Frenchtown West Valley
Historical Association
P.O. Box 144 Frenchtown, MT 59834
406.531.0584 - Colbert P. Howell, President