What is Dirty Dash all about?

What is Dirty Dash all about?
The Dirty Dash is where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy. Simply put, it’s a mud run obstacle course with more mud and less torture than the races of yore.

How long is the course?
Most locations are a 5k. Check your location page for more details!

Is there an age limit?
Would you put an age limit on filth? Anyone can play dirty! We welcome all ages, even those still in the cooker. All kids participating in the full 5K must register as adults, and all minor participants must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Children under 16 must run with a parent or guardian, and the Piglet Plunge is available for kids who want the bite-sized version of their parents’ run. Waivers can be found HERE or at packet pick up.

What is the Piglet Plunge?
The Piglet Plunge is for children under 12. It’s a mile long, and includes a youth-sized t-shirt. A parent or guardian must accompany participants during the entire mile. It typically begins about 80 minutes after the final adult wave.

Do you have a charity?
The Dirty Dash is a for-profit business that believes in giving back to the community, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to our many charity partners. For more information on your local charity partner, visit the web page for your race location.

Can I participate if I have medical issues or am pregnant?
We want everyone to be as safe as possible. If you are pregnant or have other health concerns, consult with your doctor before participating.

This is my first mud run what do I need to know?
Don’t be nervous! Your 5K isn’t timed, and there are no judgments for how long it takes you to finish the course. We’re a fun run, so if you can walk 3.1 miles, you can get dirty. Our recommendations: arrive 30- 45 mins early, lace up some comfortable shoes, and most importantly, wear whatever you’d like to splash in mud! Costumes are highly encouraged.

I’d like to be a sponsor or vendor, what do I do?
We’re always interested in partnering with sponsors and local vendors that add value to our events! We have vendor booth spaces and sponsorship packages available. If interested, please click HERE to fill out our form.


What’s included in my registration?
You’ll receive a 2017 Dirty Dash t-shirt, our signature pig tattoo, and a medal serving as memento to conquered obstacles through the years. Additional gear will be available for purchase at packet pick up and on race day to further enrobe yourself in filth.

How much does it cost?
See your local location page for current registration pricing. The earlier you register, the cheaper the registration!

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?
Registrations are non-refundable, but fully transferrable. You can’t make it? Anyone can play dirty: give a friend the gift of filth, or sell it to a stranger. Allow the mud to unite you.

Can I bring my kids? What is the piglet plunge?
You can bring your kids if they are participating in the Piglet Plunge, or with a babysitter. The Piglet Plunge is for kids under 12. It’s one mile long and includes a youth-sized t-shirt. A parent or guardian must accompany participants during the entire mile. It typically begins about 80 minutes after the final adult wave.

How do I transfer my registration to someone else?
Login to your account HERE and modify the information (name, email, shirt size, etc) on your ticket to the new person. Yes, it really is that easy.

Can I change my start time?
No problem! Just login to your account HERE to edit your registration to any open wave time. Make sure you hit save before leaving the page!

When is the latest I can register?
Procrastinators, rejoice. You can register online up until the race date. Should there still be spots available, you can also register at the event. That said, the earlier you register, the cheaper your registration price, and some locations will sell out!

Packet Pick-Up

Where can I get my race packet?
Did you pay to have it shipped? If so, you’ll find it in your mailbox, perhaps on your front porch, or if someone else so kindly brought in the morning deliveries, on your kitchen table. If you didn’t pay for shipping, you can pick it up before the event at your local packet pick up. We’ll send you an email with all the details 1-2 weeks before your race date.

What if I paid for shipping?
You can expect your packet to arrive in the mail the week of the event. If you didn’t select packet delivery when you registered, there is currently no way to add it to your order afterwards. Please note that we ship all of the packets that were included with your original order to the address included, but if you add more registrations later on, you’ll also need to purchase packet delivery at that time for the additional registrations.

What if I can’t make it to packet pick up?
That whole cloning thing would really come in handy for moments like this, but don’t stress, someone else can pick up your packet for you, they just need your ticket (e-ticket counts too!) or information with them. If you don’t have any friends willing to help out, you may want to look into getting new friends, or a personal assistant. If those options aren’t 100% viable, we provide one final option: pick up on race day. This last resort is not without consequences, however, as lines tend to do an extendo trick at the venue, so plan accordingly, and arrive at least an hour early.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
Yes! What a treasured, selfless friend you must have. Are they available for hire? To pick up your packet, they just need your ticket or e-ticket. If you’re on a team, any member of your team can pick up for all of you, they just need each teammates’ ticket.

Event Day

What time should I arrive?
In a perfect world, we recommend you get there about 30 – 45 mins before your start time. This will give you wiggle room should you encounter traffic, choose to shop at the merch tent, or stretch out before the run. We’ll send you an email with details should your location require unique instructions!

What do I wear?
That depends on what you’d like to see completely filthy. We consider the Dirty Dash an excellent opportunity for atrocities of bridesmaids past, costumes that are made more illustrative by the accompaniment of dirt and obstacles, and for Instagrammable team uniforms.

What do I bring?
Bring the least amount of belongings necessary so that you don’t feel weighed down and can strictly focus on drowning yourself in mud. Necessities like phones, a waterproof phone cover case, a credit card, a towel or garbage bags to cover your car seats, and a water bottle (though we do have water stations!) are crucial. Not advised or allowed? Pets, bikes, scooters, weapons, lighters… you know what’s good for you.

Will there be showers?
Rinsing showers are available and devoid of heat and privacy. We recommend you plan on seat covers accordingly.

Can my family and friends watch me as a spectator?
Definitely, we love supportive cheerleaders! Our only stipulation is that they stay off the actual running course- this is for their safety and also the safety of our runners.

Can I bring my phone or camera?
We highly encourage bringing your devices- just make sure they are well protected from the elements, i.e. splashes of mud and water.

What about a selfie stick?
Your selfie stick is only welcome if you’re as big on your manners as you are on securing an optimal group photo. Your neighbors didn’t sign up for a stick in their face, and we don’t want anyone getting hit in the head, so please use your discretion.

Where do I park and is there a charge?
Check your location page to get all the details on parking. You’ll receive an email 1-2 weeks before the event with all the details, and if there are any traffic issues on event morning, we’ll alert you on the Facebook event page for your city.

Is there a bag check?
Select locations do offer a bag check. Check your Dirty Dash location page for more information. Our employees and volunteers are not responsible for babysitting purses, wallets, or a change of clothes. The best rule of thumb: if you don’t want it on your body during the run, leave it in your car or at home!

Can I bring my pet dog, cat, or turtle?
We love your pets, which is why they aren’t allowed. For the safety of pets and all runners, please leave your furry/scaly/slimy/squawking friends at home. Participation will be prohibited should they tag along.

What happens if there’s bad weather?
You think a few storm clouds can stop the filth? Rain is a boon to our mud! For more critical weather concerns (tornados, flooding, etc), check our Facebook event page for the most up to date info. If the weather is deemed dangerous by your event director or local authorities, we will email you with cancellation or postponement details.

Will there be anything there to buy?
We have a merch tent full of opportunity and cartoon pigs. You can find it at packet pick up and on race day.

I lost something at the event, what do I do?
All lost items are taken to our check in tent. If you’ve already left the venue, you can email us at to help source any missing objects!

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