The Dirty Dash: A First Step To Weight Loss

Lowery Before

Dirty Dash 2012

Lowery after

Dirty Dash 2013


Meet Dirty Dasher Lowery Johnson, who had always been overweight, even as a kid. In 2012 she started to work for a nutrition company, and eventually decided it was time to face her health issues and do something about her weight. Her company ran as a team yearly in the Dirty Dash so the first day of her weight loss journey started with the Dirty Dash in 2012. At 285 pounds Lowery anxiously made her way to the starting line with some of her co-workers. Even though she couldn’t run for even a minute straight, let alone climb a rope wall, she did her best and finished the 5K.

Over the course of almost a year, Lowery watched her diet and fell in love with running. When it was time to run the Dirty Dash in 2013 she was 100 pounds lighter and ready to kick ass. Finishing that race was much easier, and this time, she was actually able to run some of it! Since then Lowery has maintained her weight within about 10 pounds, continuing to make healthy and active decisions.
Lowery’s first Dirty Dash was intimidating, but made her realize she was capable of doing hard things, even if that hard thing was losing a lot of weight.She is planning on running the entire Dirty Dash this year and conquer every muddy obstacle in front of her.
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