Top 10 Double D’s

October 17th, 2014 by | No Comments

Obviously when the phrase “Double D” comes up in conversation all you think about is “Dirty Dash”, but we put together a list of  a few other of our favorite Double D’s.

DDsWeLove-01 (2)


1. Dustin Diamond 

Ah, our favorite of all Renaissance Men, Dustin Diamond. He stole our hearts in Saved By The Bell and then promptly lost them with his leap into adult filmdom, so he’s evened out and still one of our favorite Double D’s to gab about.

2. Deep Dish 

It’s hard to take a perfect food item and make it better, but adding a deep bottom crust for that spicy sauce, and melty cheese does just that. The deep dish is a pizza miracle given to us from the Italian Gods above.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts 

A lot of people want to call Dunkin’ Donut lovers “basic” or “boring”, but words can never hurt our love for this Double D mainstay. From the tops of their sprinkle tops to the bottom of their cushy crust these donuts are all we’ll be dunkin’.

4. Dungeons and Dragons 

Sure we hid our love for Dungeons and Dragons all through Jr. High, but it’s the biggest regret we have next to cheating on that Algebra test. A role playing game love this true and pure should never be hid from the world.

5. David Duchovny

When you first hear this Double D the thing that probably comes to mind is X-Files, for us it is “drop dead dreamboat”.  No man has kept us company through our dream land like David D has.

6. Daredevil 

Daredevil is seemingly a terrible movie starring Ben Affleck, but to us it’s Americas truest love story that of how the Affleck-Garners came to be. And if you have dreams of grandeur about Affleck’s Batman, they all start here.

7. Duran Duran 

How’d Duran Duran make it to our top 10 Double D list? 4 words: Hungry Like A Wolf.

8. Demolition derby 

Nothing says America like The Dirty Dash and nothing says ‘Merica like a Demolition Derby.

9. Dumb and Dumber 

This movie is the stuff our teenage dreams were made of, it’s a Double D that we won’t ever stop quoting. We’ll always have Aspen.

10. Dippin’ Dots 

Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce you to the future. This Double D has been on our lips and in our stomach since ’98, we don’t expect to stop talking about this novelty dessert anytime soon.

We’re gearing up for 2015 and we’re pulling out all the stops to stay on top of your favorite Double D list.