Easiest Way to Get a Buzz Without the Burn

August 27th, 2014 by | 16 Comments


We’re giving away a perfect pair of sunblock, or are we? These sneaky SPF flasks will be blocking boring instead of burns. Get ready to turn any poolside into a party. Just think, this could be you every Dog Day of Summer left:


Your friends will be green with jealousy over your impressive tan lines and high school level alcohol pilfering skills. And don’t think these hidden flasks as only a cabana accessory, you’ll end up taking them everywhere SPF is acceptable, which spoiler alert; is everywhere. You’ll lead every lifeguard, purse checker, and paid by the hour security to believe you’re just any other faceless, responsible adult. Jokes on them, you’re about to party and possibly jail (no judgement).

Tell us what dirty summer plans you’ve dreamed up with these beauties, we’ll send the best comments a set of their own.