Easy Acai Bowls

November 19th, 2014 by | No Comments


We’re not 100% sure how to pronounce acai, but we’re 100% sure we love the taste of it.  The benefits of acai berry are booming, and trust us when we say there’s a reason people call it a “super food”.   We love eating our acai in bowl form, cause it’s easy, delicious, and tastes like a tropical getaway in our mouths. Below is our favorite acai bowl recipe, but here’s the great thing about acai bowls, exact measurements are not required! Add a little more or less of any of the below and your bowl will still taste delicious.


Ingredients in blender:

-7 ounce Acai frozen packets (these can be ordered off the internet or found in the frozen section at most grocery stores)

-1 cup orange juice/apple juice/soy milk/coconut milk

- 2 banana (frozen or fresh)

-2 cup frozen strawberries (or any combination of frozen fruit)


Top with:

-Shredded coconut

-Granola (our favorite is all natural Nova granola, which can be purchased here)


-Drizzle of honey

-Sliced banana or strawberry or both


*Calories will vary on how you prepare your bowl, but there’s an average of about 100 calories in the above mentioned acai serving size