For most people, talking about their loopy balls would sound like a terrible medical condition. Luckily for us loopy balls have nothing to do with a bizarre physical ailment and everything to do with starting out your Dirty Dash right.

New this year, we’ve added these toys to our bag of tricks for pre-race games and entertainment.  How does a Loopy Ball work? It’s like we stick the top half of your body in a giant bouncy ball, leaving out your legs so you can still run around.  But we use the term “run” loosely because once inside the loopy balls you’re more likely to move like a drunk frog than a well trained athlete.

Maybe losing control of your coordination isn’t your thing, but we know anyone can get behind pointing and laughing while someone else loses their coordination. So make sure to get to the start line early enough to see our giant loopy balls, and hopefully your friends, in action.  And if you haven’t yet, register now for The Dirty Dash, it’s the only way you’re getting a chance to peep these loopy balls.